Vision Statement

Brendan Walsh Catholic ministry - church gathered


To evangelise through the power of the Holy Spirit, wherever the Holy Spirit leads.
To bring healing, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically, through the inspired teaching and leading of the Holy Spirit.
To teach on the practical benefits of the Seven Gifts of Confirmation to our lives, as well our growth in personal holiness.
To empower the community through inspired teaching on the Charisms of the Holy Spirit.
To give practical workshops on the Charisms and their application toward the upbuilding of the Church.
To teach about the healing power of the Mass and the Sacraments, as well as their power to bring wholeness to our personal life, family, and community.
To develop true Christian fellowship through inspired teaching on the Beatitudes (Matt:5:).
To teach and instil the benefits of the power of praise and worship within our communities.
To declare the influential position of the Blessed Mother as intercessor and mother of all of God’s children.
To teach on the grace and useful application of the blessings attached to sacramentals.
To use social media, including podcasts, to further the work of the ministry for the glory of God as well as the upbuilding of the Church.
To lovingly welcome all, regardless of denomination, to our gatherings and outreaches.
Brendan Walsh
Founder Church Gathered