Brendan Walsh Catholic ministry - church gathered - Brandon BayA great deal of our time, as well as our, money, is concentrated on staying healthy physically, spiritually, emotionally as well as psychologically.

We spare no expense on healthy food, exercise methods, meditations, spa treatments, alternative medicines, self-healing books as well as relaxing techniques. Healing is as important as trying to stay healthy as most books and periodicals will tell you. It is not uncommon to listen to people discussing the latest healing trends.

Healing as a Christian proposal does not appeal as much to people even when they declare themselves to be Catholic. I have noticed many are slow to speak about God’s healing love when in the company of others.

As one involved in Catholic healing ministry, I find this sad as well and unwise.. Having travelled to many parts of the world giving Catholic healing services, I have seen first hand the incredible love, and compassion of God not just healing people but curing them of different kinds of serious illness.

We are a healing Church; our prayers are healing, our sacraments are healing. In any situation where healing is involved including in those more fashionable, techniques relating to curing, there is an attitude nurtured within a person, that helps them to be more open to receiving healing.

The Church from the beginning always has encouraged us to have faith, to ask, to seek. Even more, we believe that it is God’s perfect will that we be whole.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not con artists. The second and third person’s of the Holy Trinity heal and cure today as they did when Jesus walked this earth.

Testimony after testimony is available to the reality of God’s healing, curing and miracles in our time. There is nothing too big or too small that he cannot heal when we turn to Him in faith – even if it is the size of a mustard seed. Even better and its free.

I can tell you with both confidences as well as evidence that I have witnessed such healing and miracles during ministry and still do. Of course, it is God who heals and cures, and all glory goes to Him for it. Jesus in the New Testament cured all who came to Him; he would ask “do you believe I can do this”, the reply was always ‘yes Lord I believe.”

So the next time you feel the need to be healed or cured, by all means, attend your doctor, God uses medicine also. however, remember also that through the sacraments as well as the healing ministry, God freely heals and cures those who seek with an open heart.