Holding Hands-churchgatherd.comThe Charisms Of The Holy Spirit ( In Perspective) (Part 3)

Brendan Walsh

Last week we explored the ‘Seven Gifts’ of the Holy Spirit. We learned that these seven gifts manifest in a stronger way when we make our Confirmation. They help us to grow in personal virtue and with making the correct decisions in life.

In part three we want to move on to the Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit as found in (1Corinthians 12). We should not consider that the ‘charisms’ are limited, there are thousands of them, however, here we are discussing those mentioned by St Paul.

The charisms show a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit among us, for instance, healing, deliverance, miracles, prophecy, praying in tongues, speaking in tongues, the gift of faith, knowledge and wisdom, teaching, preaching.

Why Do We Need These Gifts:

We need the ‘gifts of the Holy Spirit” because Christian communities across the world face significant difficulties, this is most apparent in the west where we witness a great falling away from Christianity.

They also help administratively, through proper discernment, knowledge and wisdom in making correct decisions according to God’s will.

The Charismatic gifts are proactive as well as protective, and we need to be open to them. They show a direct intervention of the Holy Spirit as we evangelise, teach, preach, pray for healing and seek the direction of God’s will. The gifts help us to serve God and each other the bring encouragement as well as upbuilding to the community of the Church.

They help us recognise every false ideology, false teaching and give us the means to address them.