Irish Ministry

Brendan Walsh Catholic ministry - church gathered

It is the mandate of this ministry to help stir the flames of the Holy Spirit within the hearts of the Irish people, to bring renewed life and healing as well as restoration for the Glory of the Holy Trinity.

  • Irish National Conference RDS Dublin Ireland With Fr Robert De Grandis.
  • Irish National Marian Shrine Knock Co Mayo, Ireland
  • Irish Youth Conference Cork City Ireland
  • Irish Youth Conference Tralee Co Kerry
  • Three Years Ministry Outreach Cork City
  • Healing Ministry At Sligo Cathedral By Invitation of BishopDominicConway.
  • Pentecost Sunday with Bishop Bill Murphy Kerry Ireland
  • Inner Healing Retreats Nano Nagle Center, Ballygriffin Cork,
  • Set Up Rosary Cell Groups as well as Charismatic Seminars In Dingle Ireland
  • Organized Crosses for Stations of the Cross to be placed on Mt Brandon, Dingle Ireland. (They have saved many lives). Heavy Crosses constructed from left over wood from a replica famine ship, had to be carried up and placed along the mountain, Mt Brandon is the second highest mountain in Ireland. The men who carried thosecrosses all reported being blessed. it has now become a pilgrim walk. Brendan wrote all of the prayers placed on brass plaques at the base of each Cross.
  • Ministry In Derry City Northern Ireland.
  • Directed Healing Services, Weekend Retreats, and Seminars, throughout Ireland. (Ongoing).

International Ministry

Brendan Walsh Catholic ministry - church gathered Brendan is invited to direct healing services at conferences throughout the world, he also direct retreats of various kinds, such as teaching retreats on sacramental healing, evangelising retreats, inner healing retreats., day seminars, growth seminars, priest retreats. Brendan directs workshops on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, where the actual gifts of the Holy Spirit are released in the community, for the building up of that community.

  • International Ministry:
  • Ireland. (All Counties)
  • Scottish National Charismatic Conference Scotland
  • New Dawn Charismatic Conference, Walsingham U.K
  • Northern California Charismatic Conference, U.S.A.
  • Montreal Canada
  • Massachusetts Charismatic Conference, U.S.A.
  • Marian Conference St Johns University, New York, U.S.A.
  • Florida State Charismatic Conference. U.S.A.
  • Charismatic Leaders Conference, Sydney, NSW Australia
  • Charismatic Retreat Brisbane, Queensland Australia
  • Hierarchy and Priest Retreat Canberra Australia.
  • Charismatic Conference Tasmania Australia
  • Fatima Teaching Conference Portugal
  • Lisbon Portugal
  • Ministry Wales
  • Ministry Manchester UK

Within America; New York, Massachusetts. Northern California, Oregon, Louisiana, South Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Chicago, Connecticut.

Christians And Choice

Brendan Walsh Catholic ministry - church gatheredDuring the 20th century, three prominent Psychologist made their mark on the world of psychology through their analysis of human behaviour.

Their work has touched many of the ways in which human behaviour is judged and treated. What I hope we will understand after reading my simple article is that our ways are not God’s ways and perhaps take time to think about how we need to respond to what God asks of us, as well as how God’s ways bring practical results in mind as well as body when we follow the example of Jesus.
To put it simply;

1) Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) advocated indulgence in desire as a way of releasing repressed emotions – mostly relating to sex.

2) B F Skinner (March 20, 1904 – August 18, 1990). Declared that there was no such thing as ‘free will’. Therefore there is no such thing as personal responsibility.

3) Alfred Adler (1870-1937 advocated that individuals should seek after power.


The devil came to Jesus with three temptations as he was fasting in the desert.

1) “…Tell these stones to become bread.” = You are hungry Indulge in your desire. Jesus refused:

2)”… “Throw yourself down. For it is written: ‘He will command his angels concerning you” = Give up personal responsibility.

3) Showing Jesus the world and its splendour the devil promises; “All this will I give you if you bow down and worship me” = The temptation to seek power.

It is striking that even under duress, Jesus refused to indulge in his desire. He declined to give up His responsibility and again declined to seek after power.

Jesus chose to not to indulge in His desire. He refused to forfeit personal responsibility and rejected power.
Choices We Make Today In Ireland:


In our present cultural climate, we can see that indulgence, irresponsibility, as well as power, has led our society toward a rejection of deeper values. These values were all dependent on choice. Have we made bad choices?

Freud, Adler and Skinner, Though in other ways have contributed positively to psychology. However, in these particular instances their psychology has embedded itself within Ireland’s, social psyche. It present us with a false understanding of what freedom of choice really means.

Personally and as a nation, we continually face choices There are constant protest and demands made for freedom of choice, when in fact we have always had this freedom.

What we rarely consider is the consequence of choice. The effect of pleasing our desires. The result of evading personal responsibility. The impact of compromising our values to get power.

If we are not scared, we should be.

To book Brendan for speaking engagements, teaching days or healing service. Contact: Maria, 066 7117549 from outside Ireland +353 66 7117549, Blessings.

Taking Prayer Seriously

Brendan Walsh Catholic ministry - church gatheredSerious prayer is when we can raise our hearts and our minds to the feet of Jesus. He hears and answers us in the midst of our concerns. He is willing to show us that He loves us and that he is interested in every detail of our lives.


God Humour

Brendan Walsh Catholic ministry - church gatheredThe Gospel has some great moments of humor. For instance, the time they lowered the poor paralytic from the roof by enthusiastic followers of Christ who wanted him cured. (more…)